Rose Di San Lazzaro Small Candle

$ 25.00
Size: Net Wt. 70 gr | 2.4 oz.

Nestled within the Venetian lagoon lies the Armenian monastery of San Lazzaro degli Armeni, where centuries of history converge. It's here that we source the blooming roses that infuse our candle with their delicate, timeless fragrance. The Rose Garden at the heart of this monastery is a hidden gem, a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility, where the roses thrive in the lush garden surroundings.


As you light this candle, you'll find yourself transported to the enchanting canals and historic streets of Venice, where the past seamlessly blends with the present. The fragrance of fresh rose petals in full bloom, intertwined with subtle green notes, captures the very essence of this unique location. Venice's aura of timeless elegance and romantic charm becomes an integral part of your space, elevating your senses and connecting you to its storied past.


And let's not forget the sweet side in the fragrance, paying tribute to the cherished Vartanush Jam, an age-old Armenian tradition. This sweet undertone adds another layer of cultural richness to your olfactory journey.


For those who seek an even deeper, more mysterious experience, our candle incorporates woody, earthy Patchouli and resinous Frankincense, evoking the ancient trade routes and exotic scents that once wafted through Venetian markets. The smoky Oud adds a touch of Venice's enigmatic allure, inviting you to delve deeper into its history and culture.



Floral, Gourmet

Top Notes: The scent opens with a burst of fresh rose petals in full bloom, reminiscent of a stroll through the vibrant Rose Garden.

Heart Notes: Subtle green notes intertwine, evoking the lush, tranquil surroundings of San Lazzaro.

Dry Down: A delicate sweetness lingers, paying homage to the cherished Vartanush Jam.

Apricot & Coconut Wax, Fragrance.

The unique design of this candle is made of pattern, created by celebrated Parisian silk designer Astrid Sarkissian.

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