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Welcome to BIAINILI, pronounced as "Bee-ai-nee-lee," a brand that draws its inspiration from the ancient Armenian kingdom. Established in 2014 in the vibrant city of New York, we are a team of enthusiasts dedicated to beauty, art-de-vivre, fashion, and culture.

At BIAINILI, we take pride in offering a distinctive range of personal care, lifestyle, and well-being products. Our creations are rooted in tradition and infused with the richness of traditional ingredients. Through our products, we aim to take you on a journey to new beauty destinations, where nature, traditions, culture, and olfactory experiences intertwine seamlessly.

But our commitment goes beyond creating exceptional products. We believe in sustainability and are devoted to supporting natural growing cultures. By connecting our customers with local farmers, we play our part in promoting a sustainable future for these communities.

Quality is at the heart of what we do. All our products are meticulously formulated, handcrafted, and constantly tested at our New York-based facility. To ensure the finest quality, we source our key botanical ingredients from producers who meet our strict and rigorous guidelines.

Rest assured, our dedication to ethical practices extends to our furry friends too. None of our products are ever tested on animals, and we adhere strictly to the guidelines set forth by the FDA and IFRA in all our formulations.

Join us on this captivating journey of timeless beauty and ethical values. Discover the allure of BIAINILI, where ancient traditions meet modern craftsmanship.


Meet our founders: Victoria, Pankaj & Aaron

Our journey began with a vision shared by the founders, individuals who cherish the same aesthetic values and possess a deep passion for crafting exceptional products.

Victoria Arakelian, one of our founders, hails from Armenia and was the driving force behind the inception of Biainili. Inspired by her roots, she envisioned a brand that could tell the captivating story of Armenia through scents and beauty rituals. As time passed, we realized that our hearts were drawn to numerous places around the globe, igniting a desire to explore and embrace the diverse inspirations they offer.

As business graduates, each co-founder brings a unique super-power to the table, which collectively contributes to maintaining the right balance in our decisions. Victoria is our visionary product enthusiast, constantly striving for improvement and perfection in performance. She also lends her discerning nose to create alluring fragrances that define our brand. Pankaj, on the other hand, is the creative mastermind behind our marketing endeavors and plays a pivotal role in developing tactical and strategic business solutions and partnerships. Meanwhile, Aaron possesses an extraordinary ability to make finances and assets work harmoniously like clockwork.

While we frequently don different hats to adapt to the challenges that come our way, three core tenets remain unwavering in our approach. First, the power of design thinking and creativity fuels our innovation, ensuring our products resonate with a sense of wonder and allure. Second, transparency guides our every step, as we believe in building trust with our customers through openness and honesty. And lastly, we take immense satisfaction in the creative process itself, cherishing every step rather than solely focusing on achieving blunt goals.

Join us as we embark on this global odyssey, discovering and sharing the beauty of diverse cultures, one scent at a time. Together, we celebrate the essence of Biainili, where tradition, creativity, and passion converge to create an extraordinary tapestry of scents and experiences.





We unveil the untold stories that have shaped Biainili into a brand like no other. Through our products, we strive to share these captivating narratives with the world, and we believe that this is where our true power lies.

Take, for instance, our purple basil face care line—a tribute to the beauty ritual of the village of Getashen in Armenia. In this quaint village, the secret to smooth and blemish-free skin lies in washing one's face daily with purple basil water. Intrigued by this ancient practice, we delved into extensive research to uncover the scientific evidence behind its efficacy. The result was the creation of a complete line of skin care products, enriched with Armenian purple basil water, expertly crafted to support acne-prone skin.

Our scents, too, are a testament to the profound impact of familiar places and cherished memories. From the vibrant hues of local markets to the enigmatic charm of medieval cities, from the melodies of captivating local music to the serenity of ancient monasteries, our olfactory compositions capture these cherished moments. The essence of charming small villages, lush fruit gardens, blooming flowers, and pungent mountain herbs finds its way into our creations, drawing from the rich tapestry of cultures that have contributed to the essence of Biainili.

Our journey is one of translation—a beautiful fusion of traditional inspirations and modern expressions. We draw on the richness of local cuisines, harness the power of natural ingredients, and seek inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of landscapes, architecture, and historical sites. All these elements converge to create a contemporary language of scents, designs, and patterns that define the heart and soul of Biainili.

At Biainili, we believe in celebrating the diverse beauty of cultures, weaving their essence into our products with respect and admiration. Each creation is a testament to our dedication to preserving and sharing these captivating stories in a form that can be experienced and cherished by all. Join us on this extraordinary journey of scents and designs, as we honor the past while embracing the possibilities of the future.




Bestsellers & Community

A whole range of our products has already managed to become a hit. We are also happy to see the online community of our customers to grow exponentially and since we have fans in many countries, we have introduced free domestic and international delivery. And of course, receiving those amazing feedbacks and returning orders keeps us inspired every day!

Retail Presence   

Our products today are presented in two curated stores in New York, which serves us as a high mark of recognition. You may find our products at wolf & badger, a curated luxury marketplace for independent brands. Also check out Maison 10, a unique platform for talented and innovative designers and artists to bring quality products toba wider market by using ethical consumerism as its core concept.


Nominated as Best in Show

A participant of Indie beauty Expo, whose mission is to provide a platform to recognize, showcase and celebrate independent beauty brands, Biainili products had the honor to be part of competition in New York 2017 show. We were nominated as best in show in three categories at once: Best Eye Gel, Best face Scrub and Best in Facial Serums.


We are incredibly proud to be featured in several respectful magazines and recommended by highly influencers bloggers.




Some matches are made in heaven, When we saw Astrid became our friend and created a unique Biainili pattern which became a base for designs for our scented candles and perfumery packing and some elements are already firmly associated with our branding identity. You can read more about Astrid here:


An abstract artist who lives and works in New York, Kelli became friends with Biainili at the very beginning of our brand story, and some of her fasinating works are represented on the designs of our candles collection. Kelli's work is evolving with bold color, depth and movement and it all resonated with our understanding of the beauty of scents. You can read more about kelli and her work here:


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