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BIAINILI, pronounced as " Bee-ai-nee-lee"   (the name of an ancient Armenian kingdom), was created in 2014 in New York city by enthusiasts of beauty, art-de-vivre, fashion, and culture. We offer unique   personal care, lifestyle & well-being   products based and inspired by traditional  ingredients. We introduce new beauty destinations through the lens of nature, traditions, culture, and olfactory experiences. We contribute to the  sustainability of natural growing cultures by connecting customers and local farmers through our products. All out products are formulated, handcrafted and constant tested in our own new York based facility. We source our key botanical ingredients from producers who are tested and verified by our strict and rigorous guidelines. Our products are never tested on animals, we strictly follow the guidelines of FDA and IFRA in the formulations.


Meet our founders: Victoria, Pankaj & Aaron

Biainili founders love scents, culture, arts & travel. We share same aesthetic value and desire to create outstanding, contemporary products based on ingredients and traditional of different cultures. Since one of our founders - Victoria Arakelian was born and raised in Armenia, she was the person who initiated Biainili as a brand, telling the story of Armenia via scents and beauty rituals. However, with time we have discovered that there are many places in the world which inspire us and we want to cover them all!


Being all business graduates, each co-founder has a special super-power, which help us to keep the right balance in business decisions. Victoria is a product-obsessed visionary, who strives for constant improvement and perfection in performance. She is also the "nose" behind all our fragrance. Pankaj is the creative mind in marketing, as well as tactical and strategic business solutions & partnerships. Aaron knows the most of the effective ways to make finances and assets to work like clock.
We change and exchange our hats quite frequently, but these three tenets are unchangeable: the power of design thinking and creativity, the power of transparency, and satisfaction in the process rather than blunt goals achievement.





We want to tell the world the untold stories and we think that we do have the power to do it best through our products. For example, our purple basil face care line was inspired by the beauty ritual of the village of Getashen in Armenia, where everyone knows that if you do want to get rid of acne and keep your skin smooth and clean, you should wash your face every day with purple basil water. We have researched this ritual and figured the scientific evidence behind it and created the whole line of skin care products based on Armenian purple basil water and supporting the acne-prone type of skin.

Our scents are inspired and capture memories from very familiar things and places like colorful local markets, enigmatic medieval cities, captivating local music, charming small villages, silent ancient monasteries, lush fruit gardens, savory flower blooms, pungent mountain herbs. Many cultures references led us to create Biainili and contributed to its products ideas, look and feel. Local cuisines, natural ingredients, the beauty of landscapes, architecture and historical sites. We are translating them all into the modern language of scents, designs and patterns.




Bestsellers & Community

A whole range of our products has already managed to become a hit. We are also happy to see the online community of our customers to grow exponentially and since we have fans in many countries, we have introduced free domestic and international delivery. And of course, receiving those amazing feedbacks and returning orders keeps us inspired every day!

Retail Presence   

Our products today are presented in two curated stores in New York, which serves us as a high mark of recognition. You may find our products at wolf & badger, a curated luxury marketplace for independent brands. Also check out Maison 10, a unique platform for talented and innovative designers and artists to bring quality products toba wider market by using ethical consumerism as its core concept.


Nominated as Best in Show

A participant of Indie beauty Expo, whose mission is to provide a platform to recognize, showcase and celebrate independent beauty brands, Biainili products had the honor to be part of competition in New York 2017 show. We were nominated as best in show in three categories at once: Best Eye Gel, Best face Scrub and Best in Facial Serums.


We are incredibly proud to be featured in several respectful magazines and recommended by highly influencers bloggers.




Some matches are made in heaven, When we saw Astrid became our friend and created a unique Biainili pattern which became a base for designs for our scented candles and perfumery packing and some elements are already firmly associated with our branding identity. You can read more about Astrid here:


An abstract artist who lives and works in New York, Kelli became friends with Biainili at the very beginning of our brand story, and some of her fasinating works are represented on the designs of our candles collection. Kelli's work is evolving with bold color, depth and movement and it all resonated with our understanding of the beauty of scents. You can read more about kelli and her work here:


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