Rose Di San Lazzaro Grand Candle

$ 68.00
300 gr | 10 oz: Grand

Our Armenian Heritage Scented Candle Collection is an olfactory journey through time and tradition. Each candle captures the delicate, timeless fragrance of blooming roses, sourced from the Rose Garden at the heart of the Venetian lagoon's Armenian monastery, San Lazzaro degli Armeni.The scent is a harmonious blend of fresh rose petals in full bloom, layered with subtle green notes that evoke the lush garden surroundings. As you light the candle, you'll be transported to a serene world where nature's beauty mingles with history. Hints of sweetness in the fragrance pay homage to the cherished Vartanush Jam, an age-old Armenian tradition. The result is a scent that envelops your space with the essence of Armenia, inviting you to explore the depth of this rich heritage with each breath. Discover the history and culture of Armenia through scent and bring a piece of this captivating tradition into your home.


Integrating woody, earthy Patchouli with resinous Frankincense, this candle soothes with warm, grounding notes and infuses the air with smoky Oud, captivating with its deep, mysterious allure.



Floral, Gourmet

Top Notes: The scent opens with a burst of fresh rose petals in full bloom, reminiscent of a stroll through the vibrant Rose Garden.

Heart Notes: Subtle green notes intertwine, evoking the lush, tranquil surroundings of San Lazzaro.

Dry Down: A delicate sweetness lingers, paying homage to the cherished Vartanush Jam.

Apricot & Coconut Wax, Fragrance.

The unique design of this candle is made of pattern, created by celebrated Parisian silk designer Astrid Sarkissian.

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