Holiday Edition Candle Trio Set

$ 129.00

A perfect gift idea to enlighten the scents if the house in holiday season. Specially packed in a gift box this set is a truly olfactory delicacy for the house and ambience. 

Theree holiday scents will take you into olfactory journey to: 

Winter in California 

A festive citrusy fragrance to raise your mood and uplift your home. Inspired by light winters in California, with fully grown citrus fruits on the trees and sparkling wines to celebrate winter occasions. Beautiful elegant scent decorated in a limited-edition design.

December in New York

What does New York smell like in December? Pine from the endless tree markets, hot freshly baked pretzels and perfumes of visitors of fancy shops. Get this sparkling aura in your home and feel like big apple is welcoming you dressed in this signature design.

January in Yerevan 

Fill in your soul and space with warm and cozy holidays feelings. Scented like a delightful mix of warm homemade Armenian gata (sweet baked cookies) and fresh ripe pomegranates this candle is a unique signature addition to your home. 


Apricot and Coconut Wax, Fragrance. 

130 g. | 5 oz. 

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